Top 10 Movies of 2013


What a 2013 year was! There was a lot of original material this year, something I can’t tell for the videogame industry this year, with so many prequels, sequels and reboots. There were interesting announcements, enraging news, and mournful deaths. So, without anything to say, let’s begin with the Top 10 movies of 2013.

Number 10

Kicking off my list, is a movie that shows 80’s action stars show no sign of getting older. This movie being
Escape Plan
, an action-packed and very interesting movies, with a lot of twists awaiting for you. Don’t see the trailer before though, because it spoils the movie for you.

Number 9

The year was great for sci-fi, with a lot of good movies coming out of the genre. One of those being Star Trek Into Darkness , which was action packed, had an interesting villain, and was interesting from start to finish. Its only problem is that it’s not quite memorable.

Number 8

For some reason the movies based on teen novels were mostly tolerable, unlike those we kept receiving the previous years. The best such adaptation this year was Hunger Games: Catching Fire . Conveying ideals successfully, having interesting action and better directing ( as long as better handling of camera), this teen novel adaptation is certainly enjoyable to watch.

Number 7

The year was also great for Super-heroes, with a lot of movies hitting the big screen. The best of them, though, has to be the beginning of the summer blockbuster season ( for me ), Man of Steel , which is a Superman movie that manages to get Superman right, although it didn’t need to be so gritty and realistic (Not everyone needs to be Batman). Full of mind-blowing action, excellent Special effects, and a really good script, it certainly is the Super-hero movie of 2013.

Number 6

Another Super-hero movie arriving at the big screen this year, that was as good as Man of Steel, was Thor 2: The Dark World , a movie that had more action, more nerve, and better story than its predecessor, Thor.
There was also more Loki.

Number 5

OK. Time for the big ones. It’s good to see talented newcomers in the film Industry. Neil Blommkampf had made a good beginning with District 9 years ago, but he has made a better continual with Elysium . Having strong messages to convey, a good post-apocalyptic future, and really good action, story and characters, it was the winner of this summer blockbuster season.

Number 4

This year wasn’t particularly bursting with psychological thrillers, but the one that arrived this fall made it up for the lack of those this year. Yes, it is Prisoners . A psychological thriller managing to keep you at the edge of your seat and having a intelligent plot, and a set of interesting characters, it is certainly one of the best movies this year had to offer.

Number 3

Sometimes, a simple idea can be better than a complex one. An example for this is Pacific Rim . Having an interesting story and characters, and AWESOME, MIND-BLOWING action of having giant robots punching giant monsters in the face. Perfect combination.

Before I continue, Number 2 and 1 can be interchanged, as they’re equally good.

Number 2

The Lord of the Rings universe is a stable source for good movies, which is proved by The Desolation of Smaug . Having epic action, a lot of fantasy put in the script and the awesomest villain with the awesomest voice, Smaug, The Desolation is a perfect choice for entertainment.

Number 1
This is it. The big one. The movie of 2013. The space thriller that kept you in constant anxiety from beginning to end and was one of the most groundbreaking movies this year. Yes, it is Gravity . State of the art special effects, plenty of talent and suspense keeping you at the edge of the Seat, are what make Gravity the best movie of 2013.

So, that was my Top 10 list of the year. Now brace yourselves, because the bottom 5 list is coming.

George Raitsidis, Class of 2017

Photo Credit: EvanHahn cc


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